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With revered Tibetan lama His Eminence the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche, Jigme Losel Wangpo

Events 2024

International Dzogchen Retreat

19th to 29th February 2024

Clear Mind Dzogchen Centre (CMDC), Victoria, Australia

We are constantly following our thoughts and our lives can be ruined by this tricky mind. Yet we all have a true, primordial nature. We need to recognise this true nature, the primordial wisdom we are born with. The primordial nature of the mind is a spacious, sky-like state and our primordial wisdom is like the sun, moon and stars within it. When we recognise that we are buddha, we understand there is nowhere to go. Our dualistic clinging, conceptualisation, and hallucination of the three worlds simply appear within that sky-like nature as a magical illusion.

The international 10-day retreat will be held at the Clear Mind Dzogchen Centre in Victoria, where Dzogchen Rinpoche will continue to teach skills and methods for recognising our true nature and freeing ourselves from our tricky minds forever.

New students are welcome to participate in these rare and powerful teachings that will help to integrate the spiritual path into our everyday lives.

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Clear Mind Dzogchen Centre